Maya Fey (thesteelmaya) wrote in plottiness,
Maya Fey

dry wind blows through the aching New Edo;

ATTENTION!!! Lost!! One Nick! It's very important that I find him! This is his first Steel Samurai convention, so be very careful when approaching. Loud noises and particularly shiny Steel Samurai costumes may frighten him away. He has hair that goes like fwoosh and a finger that goes like whoosh but his personality is very oosh. He enjoys sleeping on law books and cleaning toilets. This is very important.

Oh! But I'm also offering a generous reward for any information on his location! Bring him to me and you will gain the lush prize of... um... three gum wrappers, twenty-eight cents, a lollipop, a tiny bouncy ball, two fortune cookie fortunes, some string, and my thanks! Don't hesitate on this great, one-time deal! Go find him today!
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