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fairytale endings

a metropolian love story

Awesome Sandbox of Awesome
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Scarfle and Vered's musebox


vered and scarfle

1. Vered and Scarfle never RP with each other. This is why they made this musebox--to continue this tradition.
2. Vered is the squishier of the two.
3. Scarfle and Vered attend the same education faculty. To access one, just find the other. The message'll get through.
4. Vered and Scarfle, however, do not share the same entity.
5. We do have different fonts, even if it's just a shade different.
6. Get it? A shade different? Get it?
7. There is no seventh fact.
8. The common rules of etiquette apply to this musebox.
9. That means you must raise your left pinky when sipping tea.
10. Do not drink.
11. Do not eat.
12. Do not drink. (Alcohol.)
13. Do not pollute the musebox by exhaling carbon dioxide.
14. Ripping off BF, though, is perfectly okay.
15. Feel free to drop in and make yourself comfortable, and if need be, contact either at their local AIM faculty, and they'll be pleased to validate you or kick you, depending on your line of questioning. Think of it like a sim dating game.
16. Strangers welcomed, since Vered has no Internet Safety.
17. Warning: This musebox prone to random sabotage by one to get back at the other.
18. Also, they met like the in the picture--on top of a roof, rogues, restless, just looking for a RP. They'll be glad to meet you. And then steal your money.
19. Yes they met in a fantasy world.
20. Do they have ears other than cat ears? That's a woman's secret.

1. Scarfle is not squishy.
2. Scarfle usually plays genki girls.
3. That includes Phoenix Wright.
3. She also stole this 3. from Vered.
4. She has a wide range of animanga, and has watched much more than Vered. However, she is far from an otaku, and is in the market for recommendations.
5. She knows less of books, and a smatterings of games. She's really really bad at games, and believes, "if I spam it, the success shall come."
6. It's not really a popular belief for a reason.
7. She prefers small-medium RPs.
8. She's more into obscure anime, but RPs from the more popular.
9. When she is RPing, she reserves the time specifically so, and will try to get the tag as fast as possible. If it doesn't come within five minutes, well. It'll come in a few years.
10. She is the more icon-inclined.
11. Really. Don't ask about her icon collection.
12. Do the impossible, row, row, fight the powah.
13. Her current RPs are small-medium, and she is not in the market for either new characters or new RPs.
14. Presumably.
15. Her RP time is late afternoon to early early morning.
16. In some cases, not so early. The birds are chirping, Scarfle's RPing.
17. Warning: Prone to typo in comments, and struggle to make it canon.

1. Vered is squishy tsunmoe.
2. Vered typically plays nerdy schoolgirls.
4. That includes Naesala.
5. She has a small range of fandoms, and her anime range is limited to those that have fedoras, drills, or Haruhi Suzumiya.
6. However, her book range is far more vast. Don't get her started on A Song of Ice and Fire.
7. She has experience in both LJ RPs and forums.
8. Nobody expects the Spanish Inqui
9. She's also the busier of the two. And her tags go at an amazing rate of one tag per year.
10. She is also the more grammatically inclined, as well as canon-intensive.
11. There is no eleventh factoid.
12. Are these things factoids?
13. Her current RPs are medium-small, and she is not in the market for new RPs, though it is the restless season. She also has no firm prospective thoughts for new characters.
14. Presumably.
15. Her RP time is PST, beginning early evening and ending late evening.
16. The horror! The horror!
17. Warning: Prone to making senseless emoticons.
18. Vered also is extremely squishy and moe.
19. She was once in a SIM dating game. It was called Moe Moe Vered.
20. Geoff bought most of the copies.

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